Piercings and Young Teenagers

My 14 year old daughter wants her navel pierced. I really think it's not a nice look on a 14 year old girl but am I over reacting? She's doing the 'everyone else has one' speech every five minutes and I am thinking 'Really?'. Do other parents let 14 year old girls have these piercings? Am I really that old fashioned? I think an ear piercing or two is suffice. I've offered her to have her tragus pierced instead which she has readily accepted but it costs £25! £25 for a hole in her ear and an earring. Gob smacked. I did my second piercings myself! Bag of ice and skewer'll do it (joking - obviously :/).


    • tony
    • 17 Aug 2015
    • 20:06

    Whatever happened to clip-ons??  All the bling and none of the pain .... or permanence.
    A pertinent question is why she wants to do it.  If "everyone else has it" then it's certainly not to express individuality - more likely for peer acceptance but that's the route that got so many young people addicted to nicotine or worse.  Following the herd is a strong pressure but it's never a good thing for its own sake.

    Nose studs are no longer fashionable but how many twenty-somethings now have to live with the permanent blemish of an old nose-stud crater?

    I suggest that she - and you - should think carefully, at least build in a cooling off period to make sure she's certain but also make enough of a stand that the next step - piercing or tattoo - is beyond question.


    • She opted for the tragus - Looks good actually - Can't put a pic here (or can I?) but I am actually tempted to get myself one lol ...Managed to dodge the naval piercing debate with her for another year :)