Presently the USA has over 33,000 active gangs with over 1.4 million members spread across the country.

The federal government and law enforcement agencies consider urban gang members to be the source of all evils, and regard them the ultimate menace and rot in society and tell us they are the reason why jails are always full and never big enough.

Urban gang culture has been around for decades and its roots can be traced back to the 1980s. Today’s motorcycle gangs, street gangs, prison gangs and even organized crime gangs are the manifestation of that gang culture erupted into an all-too familiar aspect of society.

Presently the USA has over 33,000 active gangs with over 1.4 million members spread across the country. America is not alone in facing such a rise in gang culture but many argue it is due to the robust cultural diversity of our country, social injustices inflicted on minority members, or territorial differences between gangs, which are marked by extreme violence, frequent shootouts and deaths.

Before diving deeper into what we don't know, there are distinct characteristics of the urban gang culture that we are already familiar with. Urban street gangs have rapidly evolved into tribal subcultures within the broader gang culture.

They are highly organized, operate within territories over which they claim ownership, and they have their own language and communication codes. They are self-supporting and will often establish a code of conduct that is independent of the prescribed rule of law.

To ensure continuity of the gang, the customs and etiquette are passed on to new members, including the youngest ones, who serve to ensure the gangs' continuance across several generations. Such a highly autonomous culture makes urban gang members believe that they are separate and independent from the rest of society.

A typical characteristic of urban gangs is the constant and persistent conflicts between their members and law enforcement operators. Is it just because the gangs are drug-dealing thugs or because those law enforcement are guilty as those gangs would allege of perpetuating racism, corporate greed, and social injustice?

Urban gangs thrive in territories that are already rife with poverty, crime, moral decay in terms of drug abuse, prostitution and sex trades and violent domestic feuds.

That all describes a greater social plague that federal government ought to be addressing, but it appears to be blaming the victims for the very problems they are experiencing.

I believe there is no justification for the brutality and unfocused anger inflicted by urban gangs on each other and on completely innocent strangers. Killing innocent civilians and engaging in territorial wars with other gangs may only tend to prove that urban gangs relish violence and are out to protect their illegal, profit-brewing trades such the narcotics and arms dealings.

Urban gangs appear to be at war - with each other and with society at large. They are ruthless killers with no respect for any life including their own. But this live fast, die young culture is consistent with having no respect – or hope – whatsoever.

And maybe that is something to consider…..?

Gang culture would be reduced by more support for depressed areas

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