Should character development be part of a child's education?

Values Education promotes social, emotional, moral and spiritual growth – elements found to be present where intellectual advancement and academic achievement are being maximised.

EXPERTS consider and school inspectors have commented that teaching is most effective and learning is most successful when the growth of the whole child – social, emotional, moral, spiritual and intellectual, is the pedagogical target.

RESEARCH shows that good, systematic VALUES EDUCATION:

  • is essential to effective schooling
  • positively impacts all the important educational measures
  • is a worldwide, contemporary phenomenon
  • fits well with updated brain and pedagogical research, and
  • is a means to holistic student and teacher wellbeing.

Whatever children's academic abilities, what is important is that their education is constantly providing them with opportunities to develop their attitudes, knowledge and skills so that with appropriate personal qualities they can consciously explore and then maximise their true potential and therefore lead happy, fulfilling lives.


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