Image Order !?

adding images in numerical order

images were selected in the order 01,02,03,04 and 05

current display shows 01,05,03,04 and 02 publishing as personal so full edit is allowed

i have come back to edit and add some more images the order is now 02,01,03,04 and 05 going to add three more in order 06,07 and 08

after images are chosen, order is now 03,01,02,04,07,06,08, and 05 saving with the three new images

I have come back again to add more images upto 27, again all will be chosen in order

order below is 02,01,03,06,04,07,08 and 05 after adding the images the

order below is 03,04,01,09,08,02,06,12,10,05,11,07,15,13,18,19,20,17,22,21,16,14,24,25,27,23 and 26