Formula 1 2015 Austria

Formula 1 2015 Austria, Won by Rosberg who had the edge over Hamilton all weekend

What a race this weekend!

Mercedes, with no surprise to anyone I guess, were very strong. Williams had a fantastic race, managing to out perform a charging Vettel in his Ferrari, Kimi had a nasty moment when he collided with Alonso and the pair of them sailed into the barriers. Both drivers were unhurt and out of their respective cars with out to much disruption to the race. That left Button as the only runner left for Mclaren, but sadly for him had to retire the car.

Both Force India cars made it into the points and a superb drive by Maldonado, who, despite having a really “big moment”, when moving out of the slipstream of the car in front whilst still having his rear wing open(DRS), finished 7th.

Max Verstappen managed to get his Toro Rosso two places further up the standings than the bigger Red Bull team car driven by Ricciardo, Red Bull this year have had all sorts of trouble, perhaps not quite as much as Mclaren, but as in most years previously if a team get every thing right, then they usually outperform everyone else, with just a few “shock” results, Willams, Mclaran, Red Bull, Ferrari, have all had, at some point the best packages and the racing showed that with many dominant race weekends, Only when the weather or another random event, crash, mechanical failure etc, did we see “upset results”

Racing has always been about pushing the very limits of what you can do technically, within the rules of course. Todays F1 cars compared to those of just 5 years ago, are very different, but so are the rules that govern them.

Most people, I would expect, my self included, that 20 and 25 grid place penalties and all the shenanigans that go on if you cant serve them, bizarre.

Whilst on the subject of rules, Lots of my friends, who also follow F1, male and female, often talk about the extra strategies that could come into play, If refuelling made a come back, The “ABC” looks quick, but they may be fuelled light and planning an extra pit stop. Or fuel them long and save a stop, As long as this can be done safely, I am all for it.

What are your thoughts on this?



  • Yeah, Kimi and Alonso had quite a coming together