How to choose between Blog and Forum for your posting

Blogs versus Forums

Today’s internet is brimming with blogs and forums. Having an understanding of the two enables you to make the right choice about which to use and which will be of the most help. One important point to consider is how much choice you wish to have over your message.

Both platforms are a two-way communication process. They provide feedback, answers, approval and following within the online community. Both allow for a public display of self-expression. Whatever people wish to share with the world, they can do it on either platform. But the way in which blogs and forums work differs, and it is this which affects the level of interaction.

Today there are more than 150 million blogs and for the business owner, having a blog is perhaps one of their most important assets. Such sites provide global online advertising, a window to your business; your services and products. Blogs are like websites, used by people for many reasons, whether they are in business or not. Some blogs are like an online diary while others are like a magazine where you can read the article and leave a comment. Very much like reading something on The Guardian online. Blogs cover anything and everything and if readers are interested they may decide to follow a particular blog and receive notifications of new posts as they are published.

Such sites can be insightful and educational, for instance, history related, technology and writing blogs. They are an online encyclopaedia of knowledge and information.

It is the blog owner who decides on the topic to write and post but the readers can leave comments. Sometimes, a discussion is generated but not necessarily a lengthy one. Readers can express their opinions and can often contact the blog owner with any queries.

Forums are more appropriate if you wish to take part in discussions and debates. Once again, there are thousands of forums and undoubtedly there is one for just about anything you can think of. Whether your requirement happens to be a technical problem or a DIY disaster, there are multiple forums where you can sign up and post a question. Discussions are organised into topics by ‘threads.’ Within minutes or a few hours' someone will reply to your ‘thread’ and so the discussion begins. Many people find this a useful way of gaining information and advice, even better if you find a resolution.

Forums allow users to post new topics which other users can respond to. They often have moderators, people engaged to monitor the forum and whom receive notification of users who are being verbally abusive and inappropriate in their messages. This is good practice because forums can spark some very heated debates, called flame wars and the last thing that anyone wants is a community where verbal abuse and bullying exists. Essentially, it is a place for society to gather, discuss and interact.

The choice is yours
Whichever you use comes down to personal choice and requirement. Both have obvious benefits but if you wish to belong to an online community, then perhaps a forum is the way forward.


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